Green Supply Chain – Competitiveness and Sustainability“ has been published online

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I am happy to inform that “Green Supply Chain – Competitiveness and Sustainability“ with final ISBN 978-1-83968-301-5 has been published online.
The permanent web address of this book is:

The complete PDF of this book will be available on your Author Panel within the next 2 weeks for you to download. If you would like to order more copies this book, you can do so through your Author Panel or send an email to


Open access peer-reviewed

1. Introductory Chapter: Disciplinarity Aspects in Green Supply Chain Design and Operation

By Tamás Bányai and Ireneusz Kaczmar

Open access peer-reviewed

2. Green Supply Chain Management Practices and Firm Characteristics: Evidence from Cameroon

By Manfred Kouty

Open access peer-reviewed

3. Green Transportation in Green Supply Chain Management

By Raeda Saada

Open access peer-reviewed

4. Green Supply Chain in Solid Waste Management: Case Study of EcoCare H2H Waste Collection, Goaso, Ghana

By Jackson Nyarko, Frank A. Yeboah, Felix A. Yeboah, Isaac S. Larbi and Maxwell Osei-Bonsu

Open access per-reviewed

5. Green Initiatives in Supply Chain Management Drives Enterprises’ Competitiveness and Sustainability

By Ken Mathu

Open access peer-reviewed

6. The Impact of Industry 4.0 on the Future of Green Supply Chain

By Tamás Bányai and Mohammad Zaher Akkad

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